Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zigs Goes Tagging!

I've been on Etsy practically non-stop this past week, looking up and figuring out ways to help develop my shop. One of the big things I've seen other creature creators like me do are little tags for their little creations.

So, naturally, I had to try and come up with a tag of my own. 

My first batch of tags. Like 'em?

Lil' Linds was the first owl to have her own tag. Each creature to be sent out from now on will all have one too! 

Crap, she's cute. I have to make a Lil' Linds 2.0... she needs a twin. Badly. Like whoa. 

Little H.M. Winston and his new tag. Perhaps this will help him find a new home. He misses his sister and I do believe some traveling will help to get his mind off the melancholy. 

~ Zigs