Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Creation of Lil' Linds Winston

I'm back! I have a new owl to share with you all: Lil' Linds. She's below. I shall give you a moment to stare and smile. 

There now, isn't she cute? I was going for a bohemian vibe since I started creating her this past weekend, and every radio station was playing fabulous tunes from Woodstock. Her fave seems to be 'Motherless Child' by Richie Havens. I find that rather apt, don't you?


A lot of love and caffeine go into making one of these little creatures. So, I've decided to show you through pictures and wit, and rhyme. Or maybe just pictures and descriptions, since my wit and rhyme seem to be on vacay somewhere.  

Step 1: In which I create a little body for the owl, and I prick my fingers many times in creation of said body.  That strange casing next to the little uncapped Linds is her soon to be head. Merely unstuffed, and probably unsatisfied.

Linds' head... stuffed. Satisfied? That remains to be seen.  

While taking a break to get more coffee, and mellow out with some Van Morrison tunes, I was being silly and gave Linds' body eyes, using pins. Like I said, no food + too much caffeine = eccentric Ziggy. 

Step 2: Where soul meets body. Or head in this case. 

Step 3:  "A bird may love a fish Signore, but where will they live?" 
"Then I shall have to make you wings." 

Not quiet as dramatic, but still, I like them. 

Linds' attempting to hug my tools of creation. She's such a thread hugger. No wonder she's a hippie. 

Step 4: I decided her wide wings would get too in the way if I left them unclasped. So, I sewed them together. She now looks very much like she's meditating. I like it, it fits her personality.
Ommm, Shanti, sthanti, shanti.....

Step 5: Linds' brief phase of being a Rennisance enthusiast. Don't her eyes look like little crowns with the pins? Huzzah! 

Step 6: Figuring out the right kind of eyes for her. The first option is above. 

The second option I toyed around with a lot. I liked the idea of repeating the paisley pattern from her belly, but alas, it didn't fit. This little eye is still sitting on my desk, now staring at me bitterly. I feel I better throw it out soon before it haunts me in my sleep. 

Finally! Little upside-down tear drops save the day. My poor Lil' Linds looks melancholy as a result, but perfect to me, regardless. 

She now awaits, sitting with her buddy and brother, H.M. Winston, for someone to come and take her to her new home. She'd prefer Bethel NY, due to her heritage, but anywhere will do. 


  1. OMG! Her oversized wings are so cute that they just kill me!

  2. Hehehee, *hugs Meads* Don't die. I need you!