Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet Mr. Henry S'moth

I'd like you all to meet my new little creature...

...Mr. Henry S'moth 

Like a moth to a flame he is.... or a light bulb in this case. As per usual. 

Say "hi" Mr. Henry S'moth. Come out of the lamp shade, little man, everyone wants to see you. 

There yah go lil' s'moth. Isn't it nice being in the natural daylight? Even though I know you prefer the nighttime. 

I guess you're not digging the daytime. Thats cool, go back to hiding in Grandma's lamp shade. It's all good. 

He's new, and he's shy, it'll take him a while to get used to it all. Oh well. Maybe after he meets his wife he'll gain some confidence and come say hi to us. Until then... 

...Ta ta for now
~ Zigs

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