Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My first sale!

Hello. I'd like you all to meet Stewie: 

Isn't he cute? Here's another picture. I want you to get the full visual experience here. 

Stewie was my very first sale off of Etsy, and I'm totes proud of the little guy. He was a trouper. He had been listed for barely three hours and poof! Sold. He makes a mamma proud. 

He's now flying off to his new home in Texas. I hope he enjoys it there. I've been told that he'll be residing in the family's library. How studious! In fact, I was even asked to make him a little book, so he wouldn't have to worry about pulling out those heavy volumes from the shelf and crushing his fragile wings. He now has a book of his very own. 

I'm making a new owl today. I'll be putting up 'work in progress' photos shortly. Thanks for looking! 

~ Zigs


  1. Stewie will also be trading in his big apple for a cowboy hat! *giggles*

    I am so effing excited that he is now mine!

  2. Hehehe, I'm excited too! :-) If you find him a little cowboy hat, please take pictures! I'd love to see that.