Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lil' Linds' New Home!

Lil' Linds is at her new home! She made it safely, and I am sooo happy to hear it. Her adoptive momma sent me some photos of her hanging out (literally) in her new digs. 

Ain't she cute? 

Lil' Linds apparently thinks she's a bat, and loves hanging upside down to chill and meditate. She's always been an odd one, that Lil' Linds, but she's unique! I adore that. 

Maybe she's just preparing for Halloween? 



  1. She certainly does like to think she's a bat! She just loves it here, but she sends her love to her maker!

  2. Awe! Lil Linds is just too cute for words. I dont know how much Momma Linds is going to like this, but a promise is a promise, so I have to deliever this note from Stewie.

    Lil' Linds,
    Will you be my special lady friend?
    Circle yes or no

    Love, Stewie

  3. Oooo! I wonder what Lil' Linds will circle!?

    I'm so happy she's happy! YAY!

  4. I approve! Stewie is a gentleman right? Here's Lil' Lind's note:


    Yes, I'll be your special lady friend! Will you come visit me? There's an empty spot on my shelf where you can sit and keep me company while I hang.

    Love, Lil' Linds

  5. Aaaw it warms my heart to see Stewie and Lil'Linds are courting.