Friday, August 28, 2009

The Epic Creation of The Lady, and the Completion of The Gent

What lies below was a wicked googelly of creation... let me tell you. Literally. Let's start with the Lady, shall we?

Her belly, sewn to her head. Self explanatory.

My sister and I both had the same idea of how to fancy up her wings. This is a bride Lady after all. I found these little tea cozy like thingys at a local fabric shop ready made. Score! Sewing them to the fabric of the wings and having them not fray was a whole other story. No need to dwell on that. 

Since one of her wings is going to be positioned outward to hold the wing of her mate, The Gent, I had to make them different shapes. One will be all sweet and lie nicely by her side, while the other will -- or rather, does -- curve out nicely to hold onto her man. 

Life happily imitating art.

Her man, decapitated. 

Her man, not so decapitated. 

Ahhh, the top hat. The greatest little freakin' thing I've made yet. I swear.
 Daniel Day Lewis, a la The Gangs of New York, popped into my head the night I was putting together The Gent at Grandma's house. I absolutely had to make him an extra long top hat to wear, and almost named him The Butcher as a result, but, really, that isn't a very festive name. Plus, then he would need a vest, and some fabulous slacks, and as you can see, my little owl does not have the waist nor the legs to accommodate such attire. 

Testing out their chemistry. What do y'all think?

I took a slight detour with The Gent's eyes. I was originally planning to make them resemble little H.M. Winston's eyes, but I missed my pinwheels. The original Winston was proud to see them come back. 

Sewing on the petals. Tedious work. Tedious I tell you! 

Viola! The Gent is complete! 

.... well, almost. He might get some more lovin' from me if I decide he needs it. The rim to his top hat is a wee bit wrinkled from being sewn on, that might have to get fixed. We'll see. 



  1. *hearts in front of eyes*

    I can't stop staring!!!

  2. oh my gosh, I have owls with little hats too. I thought I was a genius when I thought of it. I actually saw little hats in a Japanese craft book and changed them, I like yours though and I really like the lady and gent couple, really cute I guess I am not as clever as I belived I was :(