Friday, May 14, 2010

New Creation: Babushka!


Do we like? I think I'll put her up on Etsy today. I have another one who's yellow and plaid, too.


Monday, May 3, 2010


Image of an unfinished, commissioned "Tigger" that I'm calling Tig cause he was my Nana's favorite character ever, and her nickname was Nana Tig, sometimes Tiggy.

He is not "all stuffed with fluffies" yet, so please forgive his rather flattened appearance.


1850's Costumes

This past weekend I was swamped with putting finishing touches on the three antebellum dresses I'd made for a production of The Heiress.

The playhouse where they're putting up the production is magical. An old church with pastel colored window panes and arched doorways leading you inside a maze of ancient plaster walls and vaulted ceilings with intimidating wooden support beams. I loved being there.

Below are a few images of the dresses on the actresses and the old converted church. Enjoy.

This purple dress was supposed to be my practice dress that I did all my experiments on but the costume mistress liked it too much to let it go. Some purple ribbon and extra love from my mother helped create this finished product.

The pastel window panes. I got to sew in their soft light. It was very special, indeed.

The play is focused around a plain Jane character. In the first act she dons a red dress the color of "cherry red" which was her mother's favorite color. This is that dress.

More of the old church, but from the outside this time.

We were very hurried in our fitting of the red dress. Hence the hectic camera movement.

The door was came through at the beginning of the day and left through at the end.


~ Zigs